5.01.2014 at 6:28 PM

Ah, finally I can do life post here. Long time since my last life tagged post I do.
Now I'm gonna share a little of my collection item, notebook. Yep! I love collecting cute notes when I'm in high school. Now I don't have so many time to go to mall for hunt this item since my college holiday filled with art commissions

I think I lost most of my notes since I enter college. Or maybe I just forgot where I put them last time
From top left to bottom right:
1. Lang Ren. I didn't familiar with the brand, I just see it's cute white elephant plush photo on cover and some cute lace on it. So without thinking I already bought it hahaha. Collector habit
Status: Didn't use yet.

2. Molang. I found Molang 2014 diary series on book store near high school. It's really rare to see Molang series on book store in my country so yeah, quickly bought it since I just saw a few of it in stocks. Just two color of it, pink and tosca.
Status: Still using.

3. Pinkfoot. Aah... I love the polkadot pattern and a "schedule" tag on top right side on it's cover. Inside is just a simple planner with pink line and light brown paper color.
Status: Used once.

4. Doody. I REALLY LOVE THIS NOTES! Inside is really colorful with many teddy bear art on it.
Too much cuteness in one notes //nosebleed
Status: Will never using it!

5. QiuYu. I love the patterned paper inside it. And it's has some hangul text on it~
Status: Used once.

6. GP. PAPER. I love this free-line notebook. It's really vintage and nice to sketch. It has two color paper, light brown and white. It has a cut-line so you can tear it if you need~
Status: Use it sometimes.

7. I can't read the brand since it's mandarin
Again, I bought it because its old-book-like cover and light brown colored paper inside. Oh and it's free line too! I'm so desperate to search notes with free line and light brown colored paper in my city bookstore so I bought when I see it~
Status: Didn't use yet.

8. Our Story Begins. It's a series of a brand I think... Just bought it this noon. I bough one with same title for my Japanese subject textbook which of course the size is larger than this. I bough it because I love the design (pastel pink yeah!!) and light brown colored paper again
Status: Maybe will never use it.

9. Fiihao. It's my most loved sticky notes. Inside has floral pattern and polkadot pattern. Really vintage! I'm stick it everywhere in my binder~
Status: Still using.

10. San-X. I'm shocked when I found it in bookstore shelf. And it's just 4 left!! And it's a clover series
No hesitation, bought it!
Status: Will never use it!

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Posted by はな ♥ 3 comments

Blogger Missy Muffin said...

Wow! these things are really very adorable! lol. I would just display them in my room and look at them until forever. lol. :D

Lysa of Hello Lysa

May 26, 2014 at 1:57 PM  

Blogger はな ✧ said...

Thank you! That's what I felt AwA
And my mom gone mad if I come back with another new notebook lols

July 2, 2014 at 10:19 PM  

Blogger Serenity Dreamer said...

looool!! The last part~ ahahaha.. Come on.. Please use it..
If it was alive it would BEG you to write good and sweet memories in it.. X3
I also love collecting small and cute notebooks.. and then leaving it for a while.. might prolly never use it too~!! =)))) Coz I'll never know when I can buy more! T^T *unless it's online tho* >_> nyway.. Overall, I also hope to see some of 'em cuties and since also the place where I'm at, it's REEEAALLY rare to see such kawaiiness! haha.. u know wat am sayin'? XD

Yiieeee~ long comment.. Gomme! ^^" kekeke..

October 6, 2014 at 9:56 PM  

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